Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I haven't blogged in a while, I've been very busy and stuff. I need to get back into the swing of things. Here's a general update...

OBAMA WON! Thank the Lord Above!

LA life is really good. My girlfriend and I are doing really well. My dog is super cute. That's going pretty well.

I also started working out again, man this getting old shit is for the birds.

Started a new job this month in Visual Effects at Warner Bros. It's pretty good so far, I like the people and I am learning a ton about special effects and how to use them in my own movies. The problem is I spend most of the day pushing papers, making fucking copies and generally finding ways to avoid poking my eyes out with my Pentel Energel pen due to my extreme boredom.

On other fronts-

I'm still working on a script for a big wig producer (for no fucking pay!!!) but if it goes well, I will have more cash than I have ever had... well until I blow it to pay off my government-bailout-sized student loan. SIGH.

I'm also working on a short film that I really like, I'll be directing and I wrote it. It's a very cool idea that people seem to like. My girlfriend read it and cried, it's that good. Not bad for a two page script from a hack like me.

I'm also hoping that everything works out on this other documentary/corporate film thing that I am working on, if it does I'd also have a ton of cash and get a shit ton of film gear to keep at the end of the shoot! It would be so nice, I can shoot my own film with this equipment and start my own production company, I just hope it works out.

But alas, with all of these things, they are almost out of my hands. You try your best and hope that shit doesn't blow up.

I hope to have more than one post a month, I need to find more TIME! Please give me more TIME!