Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My lil you tube video

Enjoy- PS I would set up the video on the blog but I don't have a second to do it. Screw it, just watch the clip already.

A quick Update

Man, life is crazy... but you've heard that before.

I'm very sorry I never kept this blog up, I've just been way too busy and haven't had the chance to write like a I used to. This new job keeps me off the interwebs, I'm always working. Plus when I get home, I'm always doing some sheeeet.... sigh.

Well, for anyone who cares here's what's happened lately-

-I GOT ENGAGED! Yep, I'm going down the long path to marriage with the lady I love. Good times.
-My volleyball screenplay is finally finished and being sent out to the directors to get their name attached. Say a prayer that everything goes well.
-I shot two shorts- one for festivals, one for shits and grins. The shits and grins one I will post above this blog entry...
-I've been working out and I'm getting stronger...
-My parents moved to Cali so I've been hanging out with them.

That's a quick update... I've gotta run again but much love to anyone who still looks at this blog.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I haven't blogged in a while, I've been very busy and stuff. I need to get back into the swing of things. Here's a general update...

OBAMA WON! Thank the Lord Above!

LA life is really good. My girlfriend and I are doing really well. My dog is super cute. That's going pretty well.

I also started working out again, man this getting old shit is for the birds.

Started a new job this month in Visual Effects at Warner Bros. It's pretty good so far, I like the people and I am learning a ton about special effects and how to use them in my own movies. The problem is I spend most of the day pushing papers, making fucking copies and generally finding ways to avoid poking my eyes out with my Pentel Energel pen due to my extreme boredom.

On other fronts-

I'm still working on a script for a big wig producer (for no fucking pay!!!) but if it goes well, I will have more cash than I have ever had... well until I blow it to pay off my government-bailout-sized student loan. SIGH.

I'm also working on a short film that I really like, I'll be directing and I wrote it. It's a very cool idea that people seem to like. My girlfriend read it and cried, it's that good. Not bad for a two page script from a hack like me.

I'm also hoping that everything works out on this other documentary/corporate film thing that I am working on, if it does I'd also have a ton of cash and get a shit ton of film gear to keep at the end of the shoot! It would be so nice, I can shoot my own film with this equipment and start my own production company, I just hope it works out.

But alas, with all of these things, they are almost out of my hands. You try your best and hope that shit doesn't blow up.

I hope to have more than one post a month, I need to find more TIME! Please give me more TIME!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I might have a new job... maybe

Monday morning I came into work and got a phone call. It was Patt, my champion, my job pimp. She had a new lead for an assistant in visual effects, her department. She asked if I wanted to take a stab at it. I said sure.

Two hours, a couple of calls and interviews later, I have the job... I think. I say I think because Patt always jumps the gun on things, trying to push people around to get her way. Which is good and bad, good that she really wants me to have the job, bad if it pisses everyone off and I don't get it.

Do I want the job? Sure. That doesn't sound very convincing right? Well, I really want to be writer/director, but that's not jumping out at this time as an option (although my script is doing well with Bonnie ). My second choice would be to be an assistant to a director or producer so that I can learn more about their jobs. But I love VFX and I'd love to learn more about the process of making visual effects happen. Maybe I can turn it into a career, maybe not. I'm not sure but it beats not having a job right?

I actually have a job offer on the table to be an assistant to a producer but he's not working right now so that means he can't hire me until he gets on a picture. That's the problem with being a producer's assistant, if they're not working, you're not working. At least at the WB VFX, I have a job that's guaranteed. Plus health insurance and benefits etc.

But who knows, maybe I won't get it after all and I won't have to worry about making a choice. Or maybe Bonnie will buy my script, making all of this null. Or maybe I'll be homeless. Only time will tell.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rock Band 2

What a great way to waste time and money then to sit around your house playing fake plastic instruments to songs that you don't even like? Right?

Well, I can't help it, I've gotta get my Rock Band 2 fix. It's like crack, but more expensive and better for your health. (unless you're smoking crack and playing Rock Band, then you're fucked.)

I got Rock Band 2 on Sunday and it pretty much ruined any shot I had at doing any work. I tried to cancel a meeting, but the damn guy wouldn't cancel. Don't you know that Rock Band is more important than my career?

The game itself is pretty much the same damn thing as the last one, just more songs. That's all I get for 60 bucks I guess, but I can't complain, it's fun as shit and it's much more fun than cleaning my apartment or writing a script.

Now if I could just take all that time sitting around playing plastic instruments and learned to actually play my guitar... wait, why would I do that?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Crazy Times call for Crazy Measures

Man, what a crazy couple of months it has been. Up and down, sideways, all directions. Let's run down a list of recent developments, shall we...

-My script about girl's volleyball is going well... sort of well. I'm starting the third draft with the producers very excited about its prospects. They want to move this thing right away, and I'm still working on it. SIGH. It would help if they didn't give me such vague instructions on what they want to change on it. Telling me to add more magic doesn't work. What kind of magic? Like pulling rabbits out of hats? Sawing a girl in half? Call Chris Angel assholes, I'm no magician.

-My parents are moving to the OC, so they will be semi local. I'm sort of excited, sort of not. I won't be able to go home on vacation to get away from LA. Now, I will going to the OC to stay in a foreign home that I never lived in. Plus, I can't lose my parents season tickets for the Suns, that was supposed to be my inhertience!

-I am loosely involved in producing this bull riding reality TV show that I have no interest in doing. I just got an email today that someone is interested in it... but I'm not. Now I have to do all sorts of work on it, even though I couldn't give a fuck less about it. DOUBLE SIGH.

-As I get more busy doing this crap, I have seen my friends less and less. It's sad. Plus, a bunch of people that were my friends are now either a)mad at me and don't like me anymore b)too busy also c)moving away. TRIPLE SIGH.

-Good things are happening with my lady friend though. We've been going very strong and things are great!

-My dog is still super cute.

I guess that's it for now. I know I promised to write more this week... maybe next week?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I wish I was a dog

My dog Parker is the best. Sure, she pees in the house, doesn’t listen to all commands and has a serious problem digging in the trash can- but who doesn’t right?

I often watch her chasing cats, flies, tennis balls, anything really; and I get jealous. Man, it must be really nice to have no responsibilities. Her only care in the world is if she gets fed and walked daily, and that’s not her responsibility, it’s mine.

What I wouldn’t give to be a dog!