Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A quick Update

Man, life is crazy... but you've heard that before.

I'm very sorry I never kept this blog up, I've just been way too busy and haven't had the chance to write like a I used to. This new job keeps me off the interwebs, I'm always working. Plus when I get home, I'm always doing some sheeeet.... sigh.

Well, for anyone who cares here's what's happened lately-

-I GOT ENGAGED! Yep, I'm going down the long path to marriage with the lady I love. Good times.
-My volleyball screenplay is finally finished and being sent out to the directors to get their name attached. Say a prayer that everything goes well.
-I shot two shorts- one for festivals, one for shits and grins. The shits and grins one I will post above this blog entry...
-I've been working out and I'm getting stronger...
-My parents moved to Cali so I've been hanging out with them.

That's a quick update... I've gotta run again but much love to anyone who still looks at this blog.


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your engagement! So happy for you both! :)