Friday, September 5, 2008

Crazy Times call for Crazy Measures

Man, what a crazy couple of months it has been. Up and down, sideways, all directions. Let's run down a list of recent developments, shall we...

-My script about girl's volleyball is going well... sort of well. I'm starting the third draft with the producers very excited about its prospects. They want to move this thing right away, and I'm still working on it. SIGH. It would help if they didn't give me such vague instructions on what they want to change on it. Telling me to add more magic doesn't work. What kind of magic? Like pulling rabbits out of hats? Sawing a girl in half? Call Chris Angel assholes, I'm no magician.

-My parents are moving to the OC, so they will be semi local. I'm sort of excited, sort of not. I won't be able to go home on vacation to get away from LA. Now, I will going to the OC to stay in a foreign home that I never lived in. Plus, I can't lose my parents season tickets for the Suns, that was supposed to be my inhertience!

-I am loosely involved in producing this bull riding reality TV show that I have no interest in doing. I just got an email today that someone is interested in it... but I'm not. Now I have to do all sorts of work on it, even though I couldn't give a fuck less about it. DOUBLE SIGH.

-As I get more busy doing this crap, I have seen my friends less and less. It's sad. Plus, a bunch of people that were my friends are now either a)mad at me and don't like me anymore b)too busy also c)moving away. TRIPLE SIGH.

-Good things are happening with my lady friend though. We've been going very strong and things are great!

-My dog is still super cute.

I guess that's it for now. I know I promised to write more this week... maybe next week?

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B. Astor said...

Awww! No you're the shmoopiest! You are pretty great